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it’s being a visitation supervisor. for like the families that only have supervised visitation? i would literally just sit there during their meetings, and write some notes, and listen - making sure that no unwelcomed topics start, and stuff like that. it starts at $11.70-15.00 and it’s 18-20 hours, evenings and weekends which is perfect for me cause of school. i’m so friggen hopeful because i know the interviewer’s sister, she sent me this job. UGH I’M SO HOPEFUL.

wow i don’t wanna jinx myself but i just sent my cover letter, resume and application to this amazing job opportunity and i want it so very badly

gave my favorite an ombré today! words can’t describe how much I’ll miss my littlest nugget @rachelsrbek

I crack myself up

"Moss always points to civilization!" @amandagilbert27 and I set up miss theresa’s board for tomorrow 🙌

sophisticated @rachelsrbek tearin up the highway

@rachelsrbek soon my little nugget 😝

got a purple iPhone screen now cause my screen broke! wooo!