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beccah ryan to my pam

 m&m's we can fit in our mouths.

Literally had a really good day. But now I’m dying cause I have a wedding party to do hair and makeup for that I’m getting paid SHIT to do… And the girl who was helping me with it backed out. I’m pissed. And upset. I wish I never agreed to this. So long. You’ll never hear from me again

Theresa put me in her fucking phone as Severus Snape and I could kill her


Nicki Minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care whether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you

NO? No one? Ugh

I’m worried the gifts for my friend are dumb and not as cute or clever as I think and I need someone to listen to me about what they are and why they got them and then tell me their honest opinions?


laughing so hard. only so much sentimental talk i can take!


Artist  Unknown    Title  UnknownOh hot dayum this is my jam...    Album  Unknown