Shelbee | 22 | Cosmetologist

A+ in whining, sass and complaining

beccah ryan to my pam

 m&m's we can fit in our mouths.

good thing: found out the director of the school really wants to hire me once I get my salon experience done. that’s… absolutely perfect

literally am very done with being that “convenient” friend. that’s ok! live on, everyone. I’ll talk to you never ✌️

I literally laugh so hard at every one of these snapchats and I live for them @shaniamckinnon

tbt like two or three Christmases ago.. when my hair was long and healthy as fuck.


Omg is it really you…its been so long. ..

when real legit shit happens in your life, you see who really cares for you. it all becomes so very clear. though it also sucks, it’s an eye opener.

oh so, got my ear pierced. these three piercings I’ve been dying for… they were all pierced in the wrong fuckin spot

Here it is.. Really hard to see it right in front of me. Will be harder when I actually pick up his ashes. The worst isn’t over, I don’t think.

Thank you Judy you’re precious. It is really hard. Just have to go one day at a time I guess ❤️❤️