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beccah ryan to my pam

 m&m's we can fit in our mouths.

Seriously will never get over my hair. I love itttt

starting tomorrow I’m on a whole different life change! I’m doing it with Theresa - not only better food - and a gallon of water a day - but I’m also going to start doing more adventurous things, and being more active. We’re gonna go hiking and snowshoeing which honestly is never anything I wanted to do but I’m so serious about this. I never wanted to go to a haunted house either but she dragged me to one last night and I felt accomplished after. I’m very excited about this. Also I officially graduated on Thursday. And my hair is very purple. That’s my update, ladies and gents.


❤️🐶 my companion!

goodnight 🌙❤️

the funniest shit ever

I love him.

already so in love ❤️

Welcome Marty to the family! ❤️

Marty visited me at work! I’m so happy! The most precious babe ever. 🐾